Standard-Mileage-Rates - Charity

How to save money on the business, medical and charitable use of the fuel for your vehicle


Charity Mileage Rate

Save money on your taxes, from driving for charity, with this fuel allowance method

Every year the IRS publishes the new amount for the deductible or allowance on fuel for your vehicle if you fall under their assigned situation.

The mileage rate for Charity is set by statute (Sec. 170(i)).

The IRS will allow us a standard mileage rate for rendering gratuitous services to a charitable organization at the rate of:

14 cents a mile for year 2012.

14 cents a mile for year 2013.

14 cents a mile for year 2014.

14 cents a mile for year 2015.

14 cents a mile for year 2016.

14 cents a mile for year 2017.

(Check toward the end of the year for the upcoming year's rate.

The IRS tells us that

A taxpayer may use the charitable standard mileage rate to compute the charitable contribution deduction for use of an automobile in rendering gratuitous services to a charitable organization
under (ยง170)

Be sure to use the Mileage Log

To keep track of miles driven for Charity. Print out and use the Mileage Log. This keeps you on the up and up with the IRS. If you are audited, they will want that info.

Record Miles When Driven

The IRS want accurate recording of miles. They want the miles recorded when you drive them. Please, not when you are actually at the wheel. Let's say write them onto the (available here) Mileage Log right after you finish the trip!

Is it worth doing?

Yes, it is. Say you drive a hundred miles a week for Charity. That is $14 by the 2016 standard. At the end of a 52 week year, it comes out to you saving $728.00 dollars. That helps pay for gas at least.

Here is a clip from IRS 170  RE year 2013

(i) Standard mileage rate for use of passenger automobile For purposes of computing the deduction under this section for use of a passenger automobile, the standard mileage rate shall be 14 cents per mile.

(j) Denial of deduction for certain travel expenses No deduction shall be allowed under this section for traveling expenses (including amounts expended for meals and lodging) while away from home, whether paid directly or by reimbursement, unless there is no significant element of personal pleasure, recreation, or vacation in such travel.

(k) Disallowance of deductions in certain cases

For disallowance of deductions for contributions to or for the use of communist controlled organizations, see section 11(a) of the Internal Security Act of 1950 50 U.S.C. 790.